Tuesday, January 15, 2008

S1, S2 (Spin Ups and Single Leg Drills)

I chose to give my legs an extra half day to recover from the 5 hour block of training over the weekend and I think it was a good choice. Although I never like getting up any earlier than necessary for a ride, the extra rest was needed.

I changed the order of the ride so that the single leg drills were before the spin-ups. I think doing the SLDs when the legs are fresh makes more sense. Also, finishing with the spin ups will train the legs to spin when they are fatigued in addition to better training the muscles to fire at the correct time. During the SLDs the legs felt good and on Andreas advice I added an additional 1 minute spin between each right/left set. I did the single leg drills for 20 minutes and then started the spin ups. I did 6 spin ups and finished the ride with a 10 minute E2 before spinning for a couple of minutes.

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